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Benefits of Buying Handmade

More than ever people are wanting quality products and to see something different. When you shop with an artisan here are some of the benefits.

Meets your needs better
When buying hand made you are often dealing directly with the designer which gives you the option to customise your purchase exactly how you would like it.

Handmade is easy to buy
The internet now offers many more hand crafted market places such as Etsy & Folksy which enable you to find more hand made products.

Support local
Buying from an individual designer or maker is much more economically friendly as they do not require mass production and you are supporting your local community.

Handmade products are unique
No two hand made items will ever be exactly the same, so you will know you are receiving something truly unique.

Hand Crafted products are better quality
Often when you buy hand made a lot of effort, time and love has gone into making the product, so you will find you will be buying something better quality than a mass produced item.



Happy handmade shopping!

Anna X 

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