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Good morning everyone!

It has been a little while since I have posted, but when I saw Abbie’s creations I had to share this with you! Abbie makes beautiful art work using your cards from special events. I think this is such a lovely idea, not only do they look amazing but what a lovely way to display something that would normally just to be put in a box in the loft! 

 Hello Abbie, 👋🏽

1. What do you create?

I take people's greetings cards after their wedding, birth of a child or other special ocassion and turn them in to works of art. I also make scrapbooks alongside this for the message sides of the cards so I can turn a huge pile of cards in to two special keepsakes that can be treasured forever.


2. How did you start your business?

We got married last year and received over 80 cards from our lovely friends and family. I had made almost everything for the wedding so was looking for another project. I stumbled across a large hexagonal paper punch and the idea slotted in to place! I posted a photo of the card frame I'd created on some of the wedding Facebook groups I was still a member of and was amazed when it got thousands of likes. I pinned a picture on Pinterest too and it still gets pinned multiple times a day. I loved that so many people were being inspired by my idea but I also realised there were less crafty people out there that would love one too and abbiecardabra was born.


3. What do you enjoy most about your work?

I love giving people something to look forward to after their big event and something they will (hopefully) keep in their family for years to come. I also really enjoy that every piece is unique and I don't know how it's going to look until the big pile of cards arrives. There are so many beautiful cards out there it makes my job a lot easier, I love turning them in to something new.


4. What is your day job?

I actually work for the visual effects branch of Disney helping to create some incredible films. I love it but I am sat in front of a screen for about ten hours a day so it's lovely to come home and create something physical.


5. Best piece of advice for other Independent makers?

Do something you love and it won't feel like work. I can't wait to get stuck in to my next project each time an order comes through. Also don't be scared to develop and grow your idea. I started off just making frames and sending the message side of the card back but realised that didn't completely solve the issue of what to do with all the cards. I now scrapbook the messages and any other cards that don't make it in to the frame and it is a really popular option.



I hope you you enjoyed reading about Abbie and her #smallbusiness If you would like to order a frame or find out more please check out the links below.

Anna X 

 Facebook @abbiecardabra
 Instagram @abbiecardabra

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