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Indie Makers - Amanda @ Sunshine Hippo

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Good Morning! ☀️

I am delighted to introduce to you this very lovely lady, Amanda from Sunshine Hippo, who creates the most gorgeous little Bonnie dogs and other stitched gifts.

Hello Amanda 👋🏽


Where do you get your inspiration?

I find inspiration all around me, from my dogs to beautiful flowers or a gorgeous sunrise. Whenever I'm out and about I'm always looking to spot something different that will plant a seed of an idea. Then I just keep experimenting until I'm happy with the finished item.

What do you create?

I create Bonniedogs , fabric keyrings and bookmarks as every book deserves a great bookmark!

I've recently returned to my first creative love, sewing. Bonniedogs are inspired by my husband's Scottie dog Bonnie who was diagnosed with liver cancer in January this year. Having new products to focus my mind and energy on really helped me cope during this difficult time.

I love to work with cotton in bright colours and funky prints and try to only create 1 Bonniedog per fabric. That way each one is as unique as Bonnie herself! They each come with a handmade macrame collar which allows me to make use of my jewellery making skills.

Why do you do this? makes me happy. When I sit down to create something there is always the element of surprise and that appeals to me. Something wonderful can begin as a happy accident. The flipside of this is that as a perfectionist I'm always convinced it's "never quite right" and will persevere until my husband says "enough".

How did you become an independent maker?

Quite by chance but I love the flexibility as it enables me to enjoy quality time with my husband. I'm also able to fit any creative time around caring for our 2 old dogs George and Bonnie as well as 2 rescue cats Tilly and Snowy.

What advice do you have for other crafters?

Always be yourself. The love and effort that you put into your creative process will shine through your products. Remember that each creative journey is unique, so if at first you don't succeed keep trying until you do.

Social media can provide an excellent support network and is a great place to test the waters with any ideas you may have. If you can, take part in any social media challenges as it's a great way to connect with different people and have fun at the same time.

Ps. Bonnie is still with us and doing ok.



I hope you enjoyed readying about Amanda, to finding out more please follow the links below!

Anna X 

Instagram: @sunshinehippo1


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  • Margaret Bridgland on

    I love the Bonnie dogs and would like to see more of Amanda’s creations. I believe she makes lovely hand made jewellery as well, clever girl. It is well worth a visit to her Etsy shop.

  • Cristine Claypole on

    The fabrics that the Bonnie dogs are made from are beautiful. I love the attention to detail, especially the collars. What little child wouldn’t like to have one on their shelf or bed!

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