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Indie Makers - Lizzi @ Dizzi Lizzi Craft

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Today I'm so excited for Lizzi to start us off with my new 'Indie Maker' feature! As I totally love simplicity and stationary, this is right up my street! her products make great gifts and are very reasonably priced.

Lizzi @ Dizzi Lizzi Craft creates a gorgeous range of stationary & here is more about her...

What do you create?

I create simple greetings cards and notebooks. Each slogan is hand printed letter by letter.

Why did you become and independent maker?

I work in a clothing design agency but I'm not a designer myself. We create and research new inspo every day which is really exciting! I also love to carry on at home sat on Pinterest with a blanket and my cat!


Where do you get your inspiration?

I'm surrounded by new ideas and inspiration but I wanted an outlet for my own ideas! I've always loved stationery so it seemed like the obvious choice!


What is your favourite product to make?

The cards and books are both made in the same way but it is very easy to make a mistake or smudge it so I have a new idea for a range this autumn, keep your eyes peeled! 


Best advice for other crafters?

Advice is to find a group of other crafters because it can be a lonely place when creating on your own! I attend a networking group in Leicester run by Studio NL but I live near London so I can't go too often! However I love to stay in touch with the people there. It's easy to criticise your own work but you've got to remember why you started the idea in the first place! I've had some terrible experiences at markets where the rent is high and my product cost is low so I've found it better to sell to shops directly.


Most interesting thing about you?

Even though I'm 30, I'm abit of a nana deep down! I have an 85 year old pen pal called Suzanne who always sends me the most interesting letters on what she has been up to!



To see more of Lizzi's creations please check her out:

Instagram: @dizzi.lizzi.craft
Facebook: @dizzilizzicraft

If you are an Indie Maker and would like to be featured, please contact me for more information!

Anna X 

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