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Indie Makers - Thimble Lou

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Good morning! ☀️
For my first feature of 2019 I am delighted to introduce to you Lou from Thimble Lou, who makes the most adorable selection of needle felt creations.
Hello Lou, 👋🏽
1. What do you create?
I make miniature wool sculptures through the process of needle felting, where you repetitively stab a barbed needle into wool to condense and mat it, and eventually make a solid piece. I create a range of sculptures, from 3d pet portraits to food-themed trinkets, mostly only being a couple inches in size.
2. Where did the inspiration come from to start your own business?
I've grown up in a crafty household so I guess I've always spent my time making bits and pieces. But only started selling my work while completing my Fine Art degree in Bath 4 years ago - it proved a super useful earner to run alongside student life. The idea was triggered from following a bunch of amazing creators and artists on Instagram, all running their small businesses from rooms in their homes. Seemed ideal to me! 
3. Which product is your best seller?
The pet portraits are definitely my best seller, and really the product that's keeping the business financially afloat! All the other trinkets I make and sell via Etsy are for my own satisfaction more than anything, to keep it interesting. I don't charge much for them - I'm keen to make my work accessible to as many people as I can - but enjoy seeing my designs come to life.
4. What do you enjoy most about being an independent maker?
I LOVE that I have the opportunity to make my own schedule. This does mean working late hours and through weekends, but it also means being able to take a week off if there's something important that comes up. For my particular family situation this just works perfectly. 
5. What handy tips do you have for other creatives?
Keep it interesting and make time to do what YOU want to do! The worst thing is to give up on a craft because you're spending all your time creating what other people are asking of you and losing interest. Make sure you make time for the exciting bits you enjoy, the elements that lured you into the craft in the first place. Also, be sure to create yourself a lovely crafty network - a chat with fellow creatives can be exactly what you need sometimes.
I hope you have enjoyed reading about Thimble Lou as much as I have. To see more you can find her on Instagram and Etsy.
Anna X 

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