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Mamas Who Make @ Imagistones


Today I am delightedly to introduce Becki & Nicola who hand paint these amazing story stones. I have never seen anything like these before, they are excellent value for money, truly unique and great for the little one's imaginations. My fav are the animal collection! 

Who are the people behind imagistones?

Imagistones is a family run business set up by two sisters, Becki and Nicola. Our dad also helps out with the photography for the website, sourcing stock etc!

 What do you create?

Imagistones are story stones, aimed at encouraging and developing children’s imagination. Each one is hand painted by us at home in the midlands.

Where do you get your inspiration?

From our own children! We have four young children between us and it is wonderful to see their imagination develop as they get older. They will often ask us to do particular stones that we haven’t thought of yet!

How did you become an independent maker?

It was just a little idea really. We went away on a very rare spa weekend without the children and got chatting about how we’d love to have a little business. We both enjoyed art and found painting really therapeutic after a busy day. We made a few prototypes and got some really good feedback from friends. We then set up a Facebook Page and it all happened very quickly from there!

What is your favourite product to make?

We have lots of favourites to make, such as the xylophone, rainbow and mashed potato, fish fingers and beans! We are always interested in hearing which stones our customers prefer as it always varies so much! We sell random sets of story stones as well as themed sets. Our nature set is the most popular at the moment!

Best advice for other crafters?

Don’t be afraid to show off your passion. We are both extremely passionate about what we do and you have to be prepared to show off your products (even if it goes against your personality in ‘real life’!) Also try to be really organised and get ahead of yourselves for busy periods. We first started designing our Christmas stones in July, and think we’ll start earlier next year!



I hope you enjoyed reading this as much I did. 😊

To see more of Imagistones designs please look them up here:   

People can find us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (just search for Imagistones) and on our website


Anna X 


If you are a Mama who makes and would like to be featured, please contact me for more information! 

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