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Mamas Who Make - Leah @ Hallelula Prints

Hello again everyone!


This week I am delighted to introduce to you Leah from Hallelula Prints, who makes the most beautiful personalised prints, perfect for your little one's nursery. 


Where do you get your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from my children mostly and where we live in the country we are surrounded by nature and animals, we all love sticking our wellies on and going over the fields....


What do you create?

I create Personalised Nursery/bedroom wall art! Predominantly birth prints! I begin with drawing up my ideas- usually a main character with a theme, I scan it in and work on it digitally in Illustrator. I draw up all my patterns too. 


How did you get your business idea? 

I was 38weeks pregnant sat on my gym ball, drawing a turtle whilst watching Eastenders....that night I went into labour and had my daughter Halle (hence the name of my business) she came early so I wasn't prepared, nursery wasn't finished, I had customised only one curtain. I decided to add her name to the turtle and frame it for her bedroom wall! 


How do you juggle being a mum and a maker?

I have to remind myself I can't do everything. I can't have a pristine house as well as be up to date with my work, something has to give. My children are my priority and work comes second. I usually work in the evenings when they are all in bed or I set some time aside of the weekend.


Why do you do this?

When my maternity leave was coming to an end I had my return to work meeting, my boss wanted me in full time (babywear designer) and it was non negotiable. I couldn't do it. I would never have seen my daughter. I was actually pregnant with my son at the time too. This is when I decided to use the power of Facebook to test the water with my print ideas, straight away I had orders and I loved it, I still absolutely love it. It gives me another focus other than being a Mum or sorting out the washing...


Best piece of advice for other Mamas?

Time management! I'm still learning!! I know it's hard to switch off from work but be strict and set your time for work, otherwise everything merges into one and that for me is when I don't do a very good job at either.


To see more of Leah's gorgeous designs, please have a look at her beautiful website here:

Instagram: @hallelula_prints

Facebook: @HallelulaPrints


If you are a Mama who makes and would like to be featured, please contact me for more information!

Anna X 





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