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Good Morning!

I came across Hannah's Instagram page recently and fell in love with her gorgeous creations, my favourite is the fox! 🦊 Here is Hannah to tell you more about her wonderful makes.


A little about myself, I live in a remote country town with my husband Rich and our two children Bryonni (9) and Jacob (2) I am a paediatric nurse part time which I absolutely love and I own my own little crochet business Made By Hannah which I love even more .

 1. Where do you get your inspiration?
My inspiration came when I was on maternity leave with my son, I have always been a busy person and wanting to do something, I often tried a new craft to decide it wasn't for me and my husband used to laugh and ask what was next so I decided I would find something I loved to do and show him I could stick to it (when I began I wasn't really sure that would be the case because each of the 20 ideas before that I was sure I would enjoy to.) I found maternity leave rather quiet and a little slower paced to what I was used to so I began my crochet journey, I have met many wonderfully talented people during my journey and made many new friends as a result. Never did I think in a short 18 months from learning the basics would I have such a successful business but I am truly grateful for each and everyone of my customers for making this happen. I still struggle to believe people actually love what I do!

2. What do you create?
I create all things wonderful and squishy a form of crochet known as amigurumi, all of my items are tested and are suitable for children from birth!
I also write my own patterns and have began publishing them hopefully to inspire others one day. 

3. How do you juggle being a Mum & a maker?
Sometimes juggling being a mum and a maker can be difficult and it's something I struggled with at first when my items became so popular. In the end I realised it's only me and there's only so much I can do so now I have a set amount of spaces once these have gone they have gone and I have to apologise and move on where as before I would take 1,2,3,4 extra orders because someone wanted it for a birth,christening etc but I was becoming over whelmed and started to loose the enjoyment so now I am a lot stricter on my orders. This hasn't put people off if anything people are a lot more organised and I have even started taking Easter orders!
Being stricter on the amount of orders I take has allowed me to ensure I have a good family / work / crochet balance which is extremely important to me.

4. Why do you do this?
I do this because I love doing it! It gives me a huge sense of achievement and had really helped boost my self confidence.

5. Best piece of advice for other Mamas.
Find something you enjoy doing and believe in yourself and anything can be achieved. People will try and knock you down and keep you down it's these people that you have to prove wrong and grow in strength from.

To keep update with Hannahs beautiful creations please follow her here:


If you are a Mama who makes and would like to be featured, please contact me for more information!


Anna X 



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