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Top 5 tips for Buying Handmade



Handmade items and gifts are becoming increasingly popular. They are easily accessible now due to online market places such as Etsy and Folksy and also available at markets and craft stalls. Here are some useful tips to bare in mind when shopping handmade. 

  1. Look for quality
  2. Be prepared to pay slightly more
  3. Look at reviews
  4. Find the story behind it
  5. If you love it, buy it! 

Look for quality

When buying a handmade item I always look for good quality, how it's been made and the materials that have been used. This means not always buying the cheapest but you know you will be getting a quality piece.

Be prepared to pay slightly more

As you are paying for the maker's time and materials you often pay more than you would a mass produced item, but it will be worth it as you will be buying an original piece.

Look at reviews

As with any purchase it's always worth reading reviews, especially when ordering on line. If you are pleased with your item and have time to leave a few words, you will be helping out the crafter and other prospective buyers.

Find the story behind it

Many crafters and artists are pursuing their dream by turning their passion into a business. I love finding out the story behind where my item has come from and who has made it.

If you love it, buy it!

Especially at craft markets, as sometimes things can sell out quickly and then you may struggle to get another piece similar. Although my husband may not necessarily agree... With everything in life if you love it... do it or in this case buy it 😉!!

Anna X

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