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The Little Ones Collection is a small hand made business created in 2012. Derbyshire. UK.

Hello 👋🏽 I'm Anna... I love anything which involves creativity and nature. I am also a big fan of less is more and love the minimalist style. 

I have always loved art and being creative. I started out making gifts for family & friends and it quickly grew from there into a range of products which have travelled worldwide!

Recently I have added a small selection of macrame pieces. I thoroughly enjoyed making each piece and find the making process meditative and relaxing.


A lot of love, time & attention goes into making each piece. Every one is hand made by me so the lead time is 1-2 weeks.

I use Royal Mail postage which takes 2-3 days. Delivery outside the UK is approx 2-3 weeks. I use tissue paper, packaging paper and a cardboard box which can be recycled. 

I feel blessed I can use my creativity to do something I love, so thank you all for supporting this small business.

Anna X